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We love this little slice of heaven we call the Midcoast and we’re not bashful about sharing.

Midcoast Magnet is a non-profit organization chock full o’ people dedicated to a vibrant culture and community, entrepreneurship and fostering connections. We value collaboration, innovation, creativity, livability and economic vitality. And you. We value the hell out of you.

So, what does all that actually mean? Really, it’s up to you. 

We offer the times, the places, the funky situations… for you to make the connections that you would like to make. We find the cool stuff, the fun events, the innovative, education, crazy and entertaining – and we share. We collaborate with them, help them prosper and in turn, help our community grow and thrive.

We work to attract as many awesome brains as we can to our lovable area and we make sure they meet others. Connect them… and encourage them to stay. Bring over their toothbrush. Move in. (We get to keep our crappy recliner though.)

Attract. Connect. Retain.

Midcoast Magnet shared Pecha Kucha Midcoast's event.

It's almost time for Pecha Kucha Midcoast at Rockport Opera House... great chance to break out of the winter blues and get inspired! Thanks so much to LCI (Event Sponsor) and Flatbread Company Rockport Maine (Reception Sponsor) for their support!
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Midcoast Magnet added an event.

MidMag's "Munchies + Mingling" at the Rock Harbor Brewing Co. in Rockland

Thur, January 25 from 5-7pm
Rock Harbor Brewing Brewing Co.
5 Payne Ave. | Rockland

5 Reasons Not To Miss This M+M:
1. Sample local craft beer brewed right here in the Midcoast... also, take a tour of the facility to see how it's brewed and canned.
2. Meet up with other Midcoasters while also getting out of your house during the dead of the Maine winter.
4. Join us for the unveiling of our "Midcoast Field Guide" box!
5. Because we said so. Period.

*NOTE: While the event is free, the beer is not. Bring yer cash and support local. 🙂

About M+M:
If the midcoast has's a collection of culinary creativity. From farm to table to hip and trendy - we've got it all. In order to socialize, network and just all around have some lighthearted fun - Midcoast Magnet continues the popular Munchies + Mingling. These events are happy hours designed to celebrate our local creative class – the folks that taken a chance, opened one of the hardest businesses you can imagine and doing all they can to succeed.
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Midcoast Magnet shared Pecha Kucha Midcoast's event.

Your drive will be shoveled, the roads will be clear... there is no excuse NOT to get your butt to PK this Friday at the Rockport Opera House!
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The back of our MidMag #moleskin, designed by Ari Meil, is pretty slick too... ... See MoreSee Less

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Midcoast Magnet added 3 new photos.

We are very excited to be releasing a "Field Kit to the Midcoast" to those new to the Midcoast area or thinking of moving here... stay tuned for more information on our release date and about the Kit itself.

I can say these two new little enamel beauties will be in the kit for sure!

#midcoastmagnet #midcoastlife
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